Thursday, July 15, 2004

Beans and Jesus (Martinez)

I love frijoles refritos! I surely do, especially if they are prepared by Jesus Martinez, Frijole chef extraordinaire. He can whip you up a serving of beans faster than you can say quick. Also, when you're done, you'll feel satisfied. That's right. Jesus can satisfy you with nothing more than some beans.

Of course, he has to have his magic pot. Without it, the beans won't be the same. I know, because one time I had him come over to my shanty (one location to serve you, in Old Shanty Town) and had him try and cook his beans in my (not so magical pot) and it just wasn't the same.

So, if you're in town, and you crave the meal that is "beans," Seek Jesus and you'll find your beany salvation.

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