Thursday, July 15, 2004

I have a real magnetic personality...

at least that's what some lady told me. She even gave me the results of what she told me was the "culmination of a long process of careful and clandestine observation" of my daily behavior. Hee hee, I love all them big words! Anyways, here's my teste scores:

Fucked-Updedness: 74/100
Irrationality: 46/100
Destructiveness: 88/100
Ill-timed sentiments: 38/100

You are a DICK--Damn Interesting Cool Kat. This makes you the most awesomest person to hang out with 'cause you have so much energy. You lick people's digits and make them feel very at home. If used properly, you won't have to be turned upside down, so as to get the most out of the bottle, the bottle will constantly be full.

To your "friends," you are someone to be avoided until they need money or a ride. To strangers, you are easily approachable, in fact, people feel very comfortable about the prospect of coming right up to you, hitting you with a crowbar and stealing your wallet.

You would benefit from body armor and/or an entourage. As long as they won't get any ideas about hitting you with crowbars and stealing your body armor.

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