Thursday, July 15, 2004

I wish for a weenie whistle, and not the one YOU'RE thinkin' of

So I was rifling through the trash near Old Shanty Town and found a package that, at one time, contained Oscar Meyer Weiners. Emblazoned on this package is a blurb about how, if I can formulate a wish that is worthy enough, I (of all people) could win the weeniemobile for a whole day. A whole day! I could use it to run errands, or even go to a drive-in movie, something I've ALWAYS wanted to do. Heck, if the weenie mobile would come pick me up, I could get a job! Oh, the possibilities.

According to the wrapper, my wish has to be two parts "creativity" and like, one part "goodwill" with a dash of "good taste." Well. Damn. This could be a problem. See, as much as I like helping people (believe me, I do) I can't stand the smells inside of those Goodwill stores. Plus, if I wanted to go around wearing other people's poo-stained clothes, I'd just maintain my current system of digging through the trash. Either way, I'm going to wish...

"wish" me luck! heh heh heh.

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